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About CodeShareMe UK

CodeShareMe UK is a platform that provides customers with free coupon services specifically for merchants suitable for the UK region.

Discover the world of savings on our free platform! We bring you the latest coupons, discount codes, promotions and offers to make it easy for shoppers to save time and energy.

Tired of spending too much time looking for coupons? We work with UK and international retailers and online stores in a variety of categories, from electronics and travel to fashion, furniture, paid services and more. Our website is regularly updated with coupons and discounts, so you can always find the best deals. Just click on our search box to enter the store and get the best deals.

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What does CodeShareMe UK offer you?

Our website offers you discounts and coupons from thousands of stores, including special coupons and top coupon codes. Our team handpicks the cheapest products in store every day and displays them on our homepage so you can find them quickly and accurately.

Why choose CodeShareMe UK?

You may have noticed that the internet is now flooded with fake coupons and expired promotions, which is why you should choose CodeShareMe UK. Here you won’t find any discounts that don’t work, nor any expired promotions. Because we have a dynamic and united team.

Our goal

Our goal is to gradually expand the range and find more and more online stores and retail stores so that you have more choices. At the same time, we will continue to provide you with the best and latest offers in our existing stores. Of course, our discount codes and coupons must always be free.