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Frequently asked questions about Millies Wolfheart

How can I get my business listed on the store finder in Millies Wolfheart?

If you sell dog food or treats through a brick and mortar business, Millies Wolfheart want you to join their store finder! The basic list is completely free, or, for a small monthly fee, you can get an all-singing, all-dancing enhanced list. Over 20,000 people use Store Finder every month, so upgrades often come with a fee.

What do the profile symbols mean in Millies Wolfheart?

Millies Wolfheart's unique profile symbols are designed to let you quickly and easily let you know if a food or treat is right for your dog. They have assigned 5 symbols to each food to represent the 5 most commonly discussed dog food properties - additives, hypoallergenic ingredients, meat content, labelling clarity and the nutritional integrity of the food.

Why do the nutritional ratings change from time to time in Millies Wolfheart?

Naturally, nutritional grades will have to be recalculated when manufacturers change their recipes. In this case, you'll see a blue Update ribbon on the food catalog listing.Millies Wolfheart have also been fine-tuning their rating algorithm as new ingredients and production methods emerge and their understanding of nutritional knowledge evolves.

Do I need to change dog foods in Millies Wolfheart?

As long as your dog is healthy and you are both satisfied with the food, there is no reason to change. Different dogs will always do better with different foods, and while ingredient lists allow them to predict which foods are likely to be better for most dogs, there will always be situations where individual dogs are better suited to some lower foods. Rated food is better than some higher rated food. Millies Wolfheart’s goal is simply to help you find a food that keeps your dog healthy and happy, so if you've already done so, they certainly recommend sticking with it no matter what rating they give it.

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